Local Missouri Honey 16 oz.


Honey is produced by Honeybees. They collect nectar from flowers, take it to their colony, where it gets passed among each other to its storing location, inside the honeycomb cells they have produced. as the nectar is collected and cells are filled, the bees fan it to draw the moisture out, and when just right, they apply a wax cap to cover and save for later. They also collect pollen of nutritional value and may mix it with the nectar as a protein source. Beekeepers harvest honey by removing honey ‘supers’, boxes with frames while leaving plenty for the bees to survive the winter, and that is the golden liquid we sell in bottles. Over time, honey can and will turn into coarse crystals. this is a normal process, and will actually preserve the nutritional properties of the honey. They say honey will last forever, and we have seen honey from the late 1970’s, slightly crystallized, and darkened, and it is delicious, a different flavor from fresh honey, for sure.

We hope you will enjoy our flavored creamed honeys, as well as our honey and Honey Ice Cream!


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Weight 1.05 lbs
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